St. Lawrence College

Kingston, ON, Canada PGWP-eligible

2 Years

$17.9k (2 semesters - estimate)

Jun 8

The Music and Digital Media (MDM) Program is the only program of its kind in Canada. This challenging program builds foundational skills related to music performance, multimedia, film and audio recording. MDM prepares students for careers in music and media industries, and further education, if they wish.

The program focuses on the connection between diverse artistic disciplines and creative integration of art forms. Studies in music are combined with digital media courses in video production and audio recording. Throughout the program, students study their primary instrument (or voice) in 10 private applied lessons per semester. In second year, students gain experience in composition, entrepreneurial skills, and integrated arts project work including performance, sound design and installation art.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Implement personal and professional strategies to gain proficiency in vocal and/or instrumental performance.
  2. Interpret the structure, style, content, and aesthetic qualities of an artistic work using knowledge of music history, theory, and/or visual form to inform creative practice.
  3. Produce digital music recordings for creative or promotional purposes and/or integration into multimedia productions.
  4. Create video projects that document or enhance musical performances for creative or promotional purposes.
  5. Translate the elements of musical composition into visual contexts using digital technologies and industry standard software to produce integrated arts projects.
  6. Apply creative-industry entrepreneurial skills to manage and market projects in the rapidly changing music and multimedia environment.


This is a unique program where students not only develop music skills, but also invest significant time and energy into digital media skills. The Music and Digital Media Program allows students to develop a diverse skill set, which is a strong employment advantage. For those wishing to enter the modern "gig economy", students complete the program with a solid base of entrepreneurial skills obtained through two entrepreneurial-specific courses.

The Music and Digital Media Program offers a multi-dimensional integrated arts perspective giving graduates skills that cross many arts, cultural, and entertainment fields.


The Music and Digital Media Program develops the skills to work in diverse music careers, as well as preparing them for audio recording/producing and visual arts, including video production. Upon successful completion of the program, students have opportunities in both live performance and production, recording studios, video recording, and further education. Graduates will also find that their skills fit many non-traditional media opportunities.

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